USTEINERU is an experienced web consultancy focused on building Ruby on Rails applications, and Wordpress-powered websites. We solve our customers' problems faster by utilizing the simplest and most effective technology for the job.

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      Cloud Florida SEO

Did you catch that Google is releasing an operating system?  It prompted me to think about the future of desktop apps, desktop operating system as we know them currently, and cloud computing. I use 3 desktop apps right now. "For more detail"

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Rails authentication plugins and single sign-on

The topic of tonight’s meeting of the Florida SEO Company and Raleigh Ruby Brigade was Rails Authentication Options, and featured a presentation by Aaron Bedra of Relevance. Some of the plugins and gems Aaron mentioned were quite familiar to me, such as Restful Authentication and...

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When you describe what your business does…

…and it needs a nice little visualization, try grabbing yourself a Wordle and populating it with your delicious bookmarks or your rss feed. Here’s a visualization of my delicious bookmarks: Apparently I spend a lot of time researching rails, linux, and wordpress....